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What is Black box testing

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Black box testing is one of the methods used to test developed software to maintain quality and performance. In this method no requirement of knowledge of internal working and structure of the software, this makes it simple in comparison with other methods of testing. The focus in this method is on inputs and outputs of the test cases.



Black box testing


Types of black box testing:

1 Functional testing:

Functional testing is based on the requirement and specification of the software or system. It is a quality assurance process. Functional testing means testing the software against business requirements. Functional testing verifies that each function of the software application. Functional test cases target business goals.


There are two types of functional testing.

A.  Positive functional testing:

B.  Negative functional testing:


2 Non-functional testing:

In non-functional testing test the characteristics of the software like as response of every component and what times taking in any perform operation in software. In this technique test the system performance such that how well it works. Non-functional test cases target performance, resource utilization, usability and compatibility. 


There are some examples of non-functional testing.

A.  Performance testing:

Performance testing is in general testing performed to determine how a system performs in terms of responsiveness and stability.

B.  Load testing:

Load testing is the form of performance testing. A load test is conducted to understand the behaviour of the system under a specific expected load.

C.  Usability testing:

It tests the product or application built is user-friendly or not. It test the flow, navigation, layout and speed of the application or products

D.  Stress testing:

Stress testing is software testing that determine the robustness of software application by testing beyond the limits of normal operation.


3 Regression testing:

            When made some changes in specific component of the software then test the side effects in the other components of the software. Regression testing perform by the re-executing the partially test cases. Compare the current result and previously executed test case results. Regression testing has traditionally been performed by a software tester’s team after the software development team has completed work .Test department coders develop code test scenarios that will test new units of the code after they have been written. Regression means retesting the unchanged module of the software.


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