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Websites and Software's for you from Bel-Technology

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Websites and Software's for you from Bel-Technology
If you need a website or software customized and personalized specially for you then here is the place to get exactly what you want.
Get website at lowest price and best quality from a experienced team of designers and developers from 

Our Prices for websites:-

  • Static website - $99 or Rs 5999 to $199 or Rs 11999
  • Ecommerce website - $299 or Rs 17999 to  $499 or Rs 29999
  • Custom sites with admin panel- $149 or Rs 8999  till $ 1000 or Rs 60000 or more depending on the requirement.

Our Prices for softwares:-

  •  PhP coded Software's - $5/hr
  • .Net based Software's - $5/hr
  • Java Based Software's - $10/hrSend
Just send a mail to us at or ping us on Skype - with all the requirements and we will send you the quotes, compare them to other providers and select the best for you. Huntertechs at will be waiting for your mails.....

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