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How to write test cases – For new breed testers:

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How to write test cases – For new breed testers:

Hi, again…this time we are going to make you understand the Set of steps, conditions, and inputs involves in test cases that can be used while performing testing tasks. The main intent of the test cases is to ensure whether a software application or web application passes or fails in terms of its functionality, requirement and other aspects. There are many types of test cases such as UI test cases, functional test cases, logical test cases, negative test cases, error test cases, etc.

Test cases keep the track of the testing coverage of a software application .There are some components included in every test cases.

  • Product name
  • Product module
  • Product version
  • Test case ID
  • Test case objective
  • Steps
  • Test data
  • Expected result
  • Actual result
  • Status
  • QA(Quality Assurance) queries

Many test cases can be derived from a single test scenario. Single software has multiple test cases and collection of test cases known as test suites. Test cases are written accordingly to client requirement and specifications.
Sample of testing:-

Basics of Writing Test Cases:

1.     The test cases are all about “How we are going to test a requirement”.

For example, If the test scenario is “Validate the User login functionality” – This scenario have  3 test cases or conditions – Login-successful, Login-unsuccessful when wrong username is entered, Login-unsuccessful when wrong password is entered. Each test case has many steps to address how we can check a particular test condition is satisfied or not.

2.     Create a test case document is functional requirement document (FRD). Test scenarios created in the earlier step and any other documents if present.

3.     The test cases documentation is an important part of the software testing and created by the QA team and is shared to Project Manager (PM) and other team members.

4.     Work is divided among the team members and each member is going to be responsible for creating test cases for a module or a part of a module.

5.     Study the test scenarios, before we begin Test case documentation, a common template used by the QA team. There are two templates used for test case writing such as MS Excel and MS word. The MS Excel template mostly used by the testers.


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