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White box testing

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White box testing
White-box testing is a method of software testing that tests internal structure or workings of the software. It is also known as clear box testing, glass box testing, transparent box testing, and structural testing.  In white-box testing an internal nature of the software, as well as programming skills and specification, are used to design test cases. White-box testing can be applied at the unit, integration and system testing. Traditional testers tested the white box testing at unit level. It is used for integration and system testing more frequently today. This method can uncover many errors or problems during the testing. It examines the program structure and derives test data from the program code. This method uses specific knowledge of programming code to examine outputs.
                It focuses primarily on security, the flow of inputs and outputs through the application, and improving design and usability. Verify a working flow for an application.
What do you verify in White Box Testing ?
1.     Internal security
2.     Internal structure of the software
3.     Program code and logic
4.     Flow of program
5.     Functionality of conditional loops in program
6.     Expected outputs
7.     Testing of each statement, object, function of program code
8.     Verify the extra lines and indentation in the source code
Types of white box testing:

A.    Unit testing:

Unit testing is the first testing done on an application. It is performed on each block of program code by programmer or software developer. Using this testing verify the block of code of each module by the developer. Unit testing helps identify majority of bugs, early in the software development.

B.    Testing for Memory Leaks :

Memory leaks are leading causes of slower running software applications or web applications.

C.    White Box Penetration Testing: 

In this testing, the tester/developer has full information about the application's source code, network and information, IP addresses and all server information the application runs on.  The aim of the penetration testing is to attack the code from several angles to expose security threats. Penetration tester access the resource without knowledge of user name, password and other information.
D.    White Box Mutation Testing: 
Mutation testing is often used to discover the best coding techniques in the software. It is a structural testing method in software testing. We use the structure of the code to guide the test process. A mutation is a small change in a program code.

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