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Gray box testing

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Gray box testing

Combination of white-box testing and black-box testing is known as gray box testing. The aim of this testing is to search for the defects if any due to improper structure or improper functionality of application. A gray-box tester partially knows the internal structure of the application. Gray-box testers require both high level and detailed documents of the application. Gray box testing is used to test the web services application. Gray Box Testing & Grey Box Testing are the same one. Gray box testing, also called as gray box analysis, is a strategy for software debugging based on limited knowledge of the internal structure of the software applications. Gray box tester has access to design documents and the database. Having this knowledge of application, a tester can prepare better test cases and test scenarios while making a test plan. A gray box tester has limited information about the application so can design excellent test cases and test scenarios especially around communication protocols and data type handling.
                Gray box testing performed by end users and also by testers and developers. This testing is done on the basis of high-level database diagrams and data flow diagrams of the software applications.

Gray box tester studied the internal code of the application for design the test cases and test scenario (white box testing) and actual tests are conducted using the interfaces (black box testing).
Gray box testing technique:
1.    Matrix testing:
This testing is related to the documents of the status report of test cases, test plan and test scenarios.
2.    Regression testing:
When made some changes in specific component of the software then test the side effects in the other components of the software. Regression testing perform by the re-executing the partially test cases. Compare the current result and previously executed test case results. Regression testing has traditionally been performed by a software tester team after the software development team has completed work .Test department coders develop code test scenarios that will test new units of the code after they have been written. Regression means retesting the unchanged module of the software.
3.    Pattern testing:
Pattern testing is a library that allows to automatically verify that architecture and design of the application.
4.    Orthogonal array testing:
Orthogonal array testing is a black box testing technique that is a systematic way of software testing in software application and web application. Orthogonal arrays can be applied in software application for user interface testing, regression testing, configuration testing and performance testing, etc.

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