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What is flow chart and how is it important in software testing

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What is the flow chart?

Flow chart is a graphical or pictorial representation of any program, task or process. A flowchart is a type of diagram that represents an algorithm and workflow. Different types of symbols are used in flow chart to depict the work process. Flow charts are used in analyzing, designing, documenting a process in various fields. Flowcharts are used in designing and documenting complex processes in the project.


There are several examples of how you can use flow charts for document or improve the application process and business process.

-Software developers can use them to map out a process for the application. This helps developers visualize individual steps.

-Managers can use them to record the sequence of tasks in a process of any project.

-A Fair trade organization can use the flow chart to map how it sources ingredients, and to show the way that these move through the manufacturing process to become a final product in the organization.


Symbol name

Start or stop box
This symbol is used to represent start and end of the flow chart

Input or output box
This box is used for input and output operation in flow chart


Process or calculation box
Used for arithmetic operations and data-manipulations in flow chart.

Condition or decision box
Used to represent the condition or decision operation in which there are two alternatives, true and false.

To connect the different parts of any flow chart


Control flow lines
Indicate the flow of control or direction of flow



Flow chart program for calculate sum of two numbers


Trilok Singh (Tester)


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